Statistics and industry reports are powerful, but nothing demonstrates the value of radio like a happy customer.

Here’s just a few things local advertisers are saying about the power of Radio:

Home Remodeler

“Radio has been very effective and affordable. We have worked very closely with the sales department and we were told not to expect immediate results, but in fact we did see great results right away. It’s amazing and exciting to hear from clients around the area that say they heard our ad on the radio. We appreciate the excellent service and great results.”

Retail Paint Store

“I wanted to thank you for helping my business grow. We have taken the majority of market share in paint purchases. In fact most of my employees have told me that some of our customers said they heard our ads on the radio and that’s why they came in. I really like how flexible radio is. I’m getting terrific results and staying within my budget. My account executive cares about me, my employees, my family and my business. We came up with our commercial together. My daughter even helps with the recording. We always hear the spot before it airs, too. I feel like I am my rep’s only client and that is how she makes me feel with her attention to all the details. I’m making money and am getting great service. Thanks for everything!”

Pizza Restaurant

“We have had a five-year working relationship in which I’ve been able to see consistent sales growth as well as positive name recognition within the community. I believe the flexibility of radio both in regards to helping me meet my advertising budget and specifically targeting the audience we’re going after has been good. We’ve recently worked to “localize” our message and we’re receiving positive response from our customers. They’re hearing the message! Thanks for everything!”

Family Clinic

“Our Family Clinic opened in 1997 and owes much of its success to the use of radio. We did a little newspaper and received lukewarm results at best but in 1998 decided to try radio. We were very pleasantly surprised by the results, receiving many calls and questions soon after our radio campaign started. We did not have a ton of money to spend but radio was economical and targeted to reach the people who we needed to get our message to. The clinic is doing very well now and runs radio commercials every month and would not be in business today without the help of our radio marketing. We discovered that being on the air consistently is the key to success in advertising and receive several calls per week to this day from people seeking appointments. We will always use radio as our focus in advertising and so far has generated 10-15 new patients per month and easily pays for itself many times over.”

Computer Store

“I’ve been using radio advertising for more than a decade. I feel that using radio, as a tool to obtain more business, has far surpassed my expectations. My Account Executive keeps focused on our business needs, and connects my radio advertising into the market of computer sales. In return, I find my investment in radio advertising effective in increasing sales and public awareness about our computers and services.”

Flower & Gift Store

“I am a fairly new business slightly off the beaten track in Junction City. About six months after I opened my business I was approached regarding radio advertising. I had done a small amount of newspaper and direct mailing but had never thought about radio. I’ve been amazed at the response that I’ve received. I have people who walk in from Corvallis, Albany, Philomath and other areas that I would never have expected to see in my shop. They tell me that they have been hearing about me on the radio for months now and finally decided to get in their cars and drive to Junction City to visit my shop. I couldn’t be any more pleased with the results I’ve gotten from radio.”

Florence Restaurant

“The day we started using radio, we had immediate results with people coming into our restaurant telling us that they had heard about us on the radio. Just today we had ten people drive from Eugene to our restaurant to celebrate a birthday. Last Saturday we had ten different tables say they heard about us on the radio. We’ve tried newspaper and we didn’t see any results, and it was very expensive. Radio? We are just tickled with it! It’s absolutely a great success and we couldn’t be happier.”