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Eugene Area Radio Stations

Why Radio Advertising Works

Why Radio Advertising Works In Eugene

Businesses have struggled to find the right “media mix” for decades now.

When the time comes to allocate budgets, there’s overwhelming independent evidence that sounds one message loud and clear: radio is the perfect way to reach consumers as life in the 2000s finds them – on the go and in the moment.

Eugene Area Radio Is Where Your Customers Are

  • Radio Reaches 88% of All Demographics in Eugene, OR

    Nielson Radio Data, Eugene Springfield OR P12+ Mon-Sun 6am-12pm

  • Average Time Spent with Radio by Eugene Listeners is 15:15 Hours Per Week

    Nielson Radio Data, Eugene Springfield OR P12+ Mon-Sun 6am-12pm

  • 278,800 Eugene Area Residents Use Radio Each Week

    Nielson Radio Data, Eugene Springfield OR P12+ Mon-Sun 6am-12pm

  • 74% Of Listeners 18-64 In Eugene Area Are In The Workforce

    Nielson Radio Data, Eugene Springfield OR P12+ Mon-Sun 6am-12pm

Radio Advertising Improves Results Of Other Advertising

The features and benefits of adding Radio to the media mix are significant. Radio can play an effective partnership role in multi-level advertising strategies and campaigns.

Some Examples Of Radio Benefiting Other Advertising Efforts


Using Radio together with newspaper increases the reach of your advertisement among light readers and younger consumers.

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Broadcast TV

75% of consumers recall TV ad images after hearing a Radio commercial with the same or similar audio.

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By combining Radio with outdoor, you can build your message's range and frequency - and reach more of your customers more often building recall.

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Yellow Pages

Radio can create demand and influence shoppers before they decide to buy, and the Yellow Pages can reinforce where they should buy once they have made the decision.

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As Radio draws consumers to your online message, it can encourage them to print special coupons directly off the Web and redeem them at your place of business. 

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Direct Mail

Augment with Radio to call attention to your mailings, and precondition recipients to the benefits of reading and responding to your direct mail offers.

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Point of Purchase

By using a combination of Radio and P-O-P advertising, you can "sell the store" as well as increase average unit sales.

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Learn More About Radio Advertising

Testimonials & Case Studies

Lots of local businesses and organizations have seen great results from their radio advertising.

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Statistics & Studies

See what the top research firms have discovered about radio advertising: listeners, demographics, and more.

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Other Advertising Mediums

Adding radio advertising to your media mix will make your other advertising efforts more effective.

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Planning & Buying

Information on how use radio advertising, how "rates" are calculated, ratings, scheduling ideas and more.

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Terms & Definitions

Like all advertising mediums, radio has its own terminology. We've put together a glossary to help.

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