Help for Non-Profits

Thank you for considering the power of radio to promote your programs to the community.

Available Non-Profit Reduced Cost Radio Advertising Options

There are three levels of support that the radio stations of the Eugene/Springfield/Cottage Grove area provide:

PSA– Public Service Announcements

Using our PSA submission suggestions, send a fact sheet to each of the Radio PSA Directors.

They will schedule at their discretion and under their station's policies and guidelines. If accepted, the station will work from the fact sheet to announce the event in their own manner/style.

This is a good way to use radio to promote a single event.

The EARS Public Education Partnership (PEP) Advertising Program

Public Education program is a step up from a PSA schedule and airs an announcement produced to your approval and scheduled like normal retail advertising messages.

They are charged at the low, discounted non-profit organization rate of just $6 per 30-second announcement. These PEP announcements air equally on EARS stations in the area.

We normally recommend a minimum PEP schedule of at least $600 (at least 100 announcements total). If the goal is to generate attendance at an event, then we would recommend airing all of the announcements in the week (or days) prior to the event to generate the best impact on the listeners.

Alternately, it may be more effective for your budget to buy directly from one or more radio stations that more closely fit your target demographic (see 3. below).

Normal Retail Advertising w/ Non-Profit Discounts

Normal retail advertising schedules on one or more selected radio stations whose audience(s) best fit the demographic of your intended target audience.

Many of the radio stations have a non-profit rate that discounts their regular retail advertising rates.

Please Note: buying directly from one or more radio stations for the SAME program or event, in the past 18 months, would disqualify you from being able to participate in the PEP program.

Usage Limitations

  1. Any non-profit can do both PSA and Normal w/Non-Profit Discounts.
  2. A qualifying PEP agency or non-profit can actually make use of all three forms of radio advertising.  One event or program may ask for an investment by the listeners, so it would not qualify for the PEP program, but it would be perfect for a retail advertising schedule and PSA announcements.  This would not disqualify the same agency or non-profit from using the PEP program, that may use separate funding or grants, to promote an ongoing educational campaign.