PSA– Public Service Announcements

Best Practices For PSAs

Remember that PSA Directors get a lot of requests for PSA airtime. You need to stand out if you want them to invest in your project in the week or two before your event.

Here are suggestions on how to enhance your PSA experience with Eugene/Springfield/Cottage Grove radio stations.

  1. Submit your PSA 1-sheet flyer to them no later than two weeks before the event.
  2. Call the day before you are going to send the email, if possible, to put a “face” on you and your event. You will likely get voice-mail, but leave a brief message anyway. They get buried in PSA requests, so do everything you can to stand out.
  3. One 1-sheet:
    a. Put your logo if possible at the top of the page with your contact info
    b. Create a 36-word Lead Paragraph of the most important things you need to communicate, Below that Bullet list brief statements that cover the:
    i. Who
    ii. What
    iii. When
    iv. Where
    v. Why
    c. Add your contact information, so they can easily contact you if they
    have questions.

PSA Director Contact List

Station or Group PSA Contact Email Phone
McKenzie River Broadcasting Pat Macy 541-484-9400
Cumulus Media 541-284-8500
Rob Holloway 541-485-1120
KKNX Classic Rock 541-342-1012
KEED Classic Country 541-342-1012
KRVM 541-790-6682
KLCC 541-463-6000
KNND - Cottage Grove 541-942-2468
KWVA - UO 541-346-5098
KXOR Hispanic 541-234-2642
KORE Fox Sports Radio Steve Woodward 458-201-8099
EARS Association Peter Powell 541-729-2689