Why Radio Advertising Works

Radio + Other Advertising Mediums

The following articles and information feature the inherent strengths and weaknesses of various advertising mediums.

The features and benefits of adding Radio to the media mix is included to showcase the effective partnership roles radio plays in multi-level advertising strategies and campaigns.


It's been said that opposites attract, and the polar differences between Radio and newspaper make them a very attractive advertising combination.

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Radio has proven its ability to drive consumers to advertised Web sites, and many Radio stations have their own Web sites offering advertisers unique multi-media marketing opportunities.

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Broadcast TV

Augmenting TV with Radio buys on complementary formats is a great way to get the benefits from being on TV while still getting the cost-efficient and effective reach and frequency of Radio.

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Direct Mail

Use Radio to precondition recipients to the benefits of reading and responding to your direct mail offers and increase your overall percent of redemption

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Considering the primary purpose of billboards is to reach consumers in their cars, can you think of a more compatible medium than Radio?

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Point Of Purchase

Radio is a synergistic companion to P-O-P advertising. If you want to promote a specific product or service, Radio can deliver the customers you want, and even offer on-site broadcasts that are proven marketing winners.

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Yellow Pages

Radio can create demand and influence shoppers before they decide to buy, and the Yellow Pages can reinforce where they should buy once they have made the decision.

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