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Eugene Area Radio Stations

660AM KXOR, Radio Zion

EARS Member Station

660AM KXOR, Radio Zion

Formats: Hispanic

660AM KXOR, Radio Zion Oregon, is the only inspiring family oriented Spanish language radio station that covers the most Hispanic/Latino populated cities in Oregon.

Media Group: ZION Multimedia


530 W. 7th Ave.
Junction City,OR 97448
Phone: 541-234-2642

Sales Personnel

Charo Schaeffer GM/Sales Manager

Key Demographics

  • Our primary audience is women and men between the ages of 35-55, entrepreneurs, working class to include independent contractors, retail and office workers.
  • Target demo: Primary 35-55 (women & men), secondary 18-35 (men and women) and seniors 55+ (men & women).

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