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Bicoastal Media

Bicoastal Media operates radio stations in 12 distinct markets throughout Northern California, Oregon and Washington.

Bicoastal Media’s overall radio footprint in the Pacific Northwest part of the United States is not only massive from a geographical coverage standpoint, but our radio stations are the most listened to (and top billing radio stations) in all their respected markets with 5.6 million people within the range of our cumulative station signal coverage areas.

The landscape in advertising has been going through dramatic changes with shifts away from print and yellow pages to digital and mobile platforms which emphasize the growing impact of radio’s online opportunities. These new initiatives all work together to deliver dramatic results for our customers in today’s ever-changing economic conditions.

At Bicoastal Media, we recognize that the broadcast environment is ever-changing and we are committed to doing our part to make the process of researching, buying and selling in our markets more sales effective and time efficient.


1500 Valley River Drive
Suite 350
Eugene,OR 97401
Phone: 541.284.3600
Fax: 541.484.5769



Sean Beken Market Manager

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